Low Vision Devices for Achromats

“People with low vision can improve their quality of life through vision rehabilitation services to teach them how to use their remaining vision more effectively. Using a variety of visual and adaptive devices may bring back or help them keep their independence."

                 - Carl Kupfer, M.D.,  National Eye Institute


The most important low vision devices for achromatopsia are the filtered contact lenses, fileyewear and sun filters. These are covered elsewhere on this website. Once the light is controlled, many low vision devices are available to improve functioning. The items listed here are just a small representation of the many low vision systems available today.

Our doctors have selected these low vision devices based to their proven benefit to achromats in our practice. The links below will lead to more information. Please feel free to contact our doctors by email.



Reading Eyewear or Bifocals:  To obtain magnification, achromats must read at a closer distances. This sustained effort to focus the eyes can be very fatiguing.  The reading glasses or bifocals help provide the extra needed focusing and thus improve comfort and clarity...Click here to learn more

 Optical Magnifiers: Simple non-lighted magnifiers can be effective low vision aids for many achromats for quick spot reading of small text. Small pocket magnifiers and dome magnifiers are often used by achromats...Click here to learn more

Monocular Telescopes: Small monocular telescopes can aid the achromat in seeing a street sign, reading text from an overhead  white board and see other distance targets.  Monoculars are often well accepted by young patients and their peers...Click here to learn more

Bioptic Eyewear:  Bioptic systems combine prescription eyewear with a small telescopic system. The eyewear lens portion is deemed the carrier, which provides general vision while the telescope aids in quick spotting of detail for the visually impaired patient. The telescope can be fabricated for one or both eyes...Click here to learn more

Video – CCTV Magnification:  Video magnifiers also called CCTV systems can both magnify the text and convert  the text to white letters on a black background which can be helpful to many achromats. The enlargement also allows the achromat to be further from the text reducing the focusing demand.  These now are available from large console based systems to small handheld units.
..Click here to learn more

Computer Modification:  Computers are becoming critical to school, home, and many jobs. Simple modifications may improve the achromats ability to use the computer.  These range from larger screens to software to enlarge the screen image...Click here to learn more