Magnifiers for Achromatopsia

The visual acuity range of most achromatopsia patients (20/60 to 20 20/200) allows most achromats to benefit from simple optical magnification. Often the range is from 3X to 7X in power. The trend to very bright magnifiers designed for macular degeneration does not work well for achromats. Achromats usually prefer non-lighted magnifiers.

There are hundreds of types of magnifiers to choose from. There is also great variation in the optical quality and design of magnifiers. A low vision specialist can guide you in selecting a magnifier that has less distortion, meets your needs for a particular task, avoids light and glare problems and is easy to use.  Some of the forms of magnifiers we find helpful with achromats are  shown below. Achromats usually prefer non-lighted magnifiers. Click on the link to learn more about these.

Dome Magnifiers
Foldable Pocket Magnifiers
Pocket Lighted Magnifiers
Pendant Magnifiers
Stand Magnifiers