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Drs. Richard and Laura Windsor Articles
Vision Enhancement Magazine

Dr. Rich Windsor and Dr. Laura Windsor for several years wrote a column for Vision Enhancement Magazine. Their articles explain common visual problems experienced by low vision patients. Each article is on a different ocular disease. Articles written include: Achromatopsia,   Age Related Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Albinism, and Nystagmus.

Understanding Achromatopsia
Laura K. Windsor, O.D. and Richard L. Windsor O.D.Vision Enhancement Magazine

Bioptic Driving: Driving with Low Vision 
Richard L. Windsor, O.D. and Laura K. Windsor O.D. 
Vision Enhancement Magazine

The Many Visual Problems of Macular Degeneration
Richard L. Windsor, O.D. and Laura K. Windsor O.D.
Vision Enhancement Magazine

Understanding Stargardt's Disease (Juvenile Macular Degeneration)
Richard L. Windsor, O.D. and Laura K. Windsor O.D.
Vision Enhancement Magazine

Understanding Nystagmus
Richard L. Windsor, O.D. and Laura K. Windsor O.D.
Vision Enhancement Magazine

Understanding Vision Loss from Pathological Myopia
Richard L. Windsor, O.D. and Laura K. Windsor O.D.Vision Enhancement Magazine

Understanding the Visual Problems of Retinitis Pigmentosa
Richard L. Windsor, O.D. and Laura K. Windsor O.D.
Vision Enhancement Magazine

Albinism: Low Vision Considerations 
Richard L. Windsor, O.D. and Laura K. Windsor O.D. 
Vision Enhancement Magazine

Common Visual Problems of Ocular Histoplasmosis Syndrome 
Richard L. Windsor, O.D. and Laura K. Windsor O.D. Vision Enhancement Magazine

Vision Loss in Diabetes 
Richard L. Windsor, O.D. and Laura K. Windsor O.D.
Vision Enhancement Magazine

Common Vision Problems from Stroke or Traumatic Brain Injury
Richard L. Windsor, O.D. and Laura K. Windsor O.D.
Vision Enhancement Magazine

Understanding a Stroke of the Optic Nerve (Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy)
Laura K. Windsor, O.D. and Richard L. Windsor O.D.
Vision Enhancement Magazine

Understanding Retinopathy of Prematurity
Laura K. Windsor, O.D. and Richard L. Windsor O.D.
Vision Enhancement Magazine

New Drugs Look Promising for Treatment of Wet Macular Degeneration
Laura K. Windsor, O.D.
Vision Enhancement Magazine

Hemianopsia: Loss of Half of the Visual Field
Laura K. Windsor, O.D. and Richard L. Windsor O.D.
Vision Enhancement Magazine


Low Vision Article By Our Doctors
Featured in Rehab Pro Journal

Dr. Laura and Dr. Richard Windsor  published an article titled "An Introduction to Low Vision Rehabilitation" in The Rehabilitation Professional Journal in the Spring 2001 volume. This journal is the publication of the International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals and is distributed to over 4500 rehabilitation specialists including optometrists, speech therapists, and occupational therapists around the world.


Dr. Laura and Rich Windsor published "Diabetes and
Low Vision" Article for Advance Magazine

Dr. Laura K. Windsor and Dr. Richard L. Windsor have published an article on Low Vision Care for the Diabetic patient in the March 2004 issue of Advance for Directors in Rehabilitation.


Dr. Laura Windsor Publishes Article on New Nutritional Recommendations for Macular Degeneration
Vision Enhancement Book

Dr. Laura Windsor recently published an introduction to the National Eye Institute’s Age Related Eye Disease Study in Vision Enhancement Magazine. The new National Eye Institute guidelines for macular degeneration call for higher levels of antioxidants and zinc. To learn more, click on the link.

Book Chapter Published on Low Vision Care in
Extended Care Facilities or the Homebound

Dr. Windsor's book chapter discussed the delivery of low vision care to patients in nursing facilities or who are homebound. It is contained in the the Problems in Optometry series from Lippincott publisher. The book editors were Dr. Roy Cole and Dr. Bruce Rosenthal from the State University of New York. Dr. Windsor has been a leader in providing both low vision care and nursing home eye care. The mix of these two issues was a natural one for him. Dr. Windsor has helped develop eye care programs at over forty health care facilities. His chapter was reprinted and mailed nationally to doctors by the American Optometric Association.

Article by Dr. Richard L. Windsor and Laura Windsor
Wins Gold Medal for AOA

An article written by Drs. Richard Windsor & Laura Windsor received a national gold medal in writing by the of American Society of Business Press Editors in 1999. The American Optometric Association published their article on the application of the Internet to the optometric profession.

Dr. Windsor Co-writes IOA Eye Care Brochure

Optometry: Dr. Windsor and Mr. Dave McGhee recently authored primary Eye Care. The brochure was funded by the Indiana Optometric Association and shows the variety of care provided by doctors of optometry. Dr. Windsor is featured in their work at the Rehabilitation Hospital of Fort Wayne and Dr. Ford is shown providing care in an area licensed nursing facility.



Movies Produced by the Low Vision Centers of Indiana


Macular Degeneration: The Path to
Understanding and Overcoming

This 60-minute movie on DVD contains a wealth of information for the patient, family and caregivers. It covers all aspects of what it means to have macular degeneration. What is AMD? How it is treated. The many visual problems are fully explained with amazing new animations created. What are the low vision treatments options including low vision systems, independent living aids and alternative media? The potential steps you can take to prevent AMD are clearly presented. You will have a new an better understanding of AMD after viewing this movie.


Bioptic Driving

We have two new videos to help educate patients. The first is on bioptic driving. It is an 8-minute video, which was created by our staff. It has our patients driving with Sue Henderson, a Driving Rehabilitation Specialist from South Bend Memorial Hospital. This movie explains the concept of bioptic eyewear, the fitting process, the training required and the rules for bioptic driving in Indiana. You can view the video here on our site for free.

Red Central Contact Lenses for Achromatopsia Video

Our second video is on the use of red centtral soft contact lenses to aid those with Achromatopsia. Achromats have extreme glare and light issues which can be helped with the use of these lenses. Additionally, these lenses have been found to be very beneficial in bioptic driving. They allow the partial Achromat to see brake lights and traffic lights both of which were very difficult before wearing the red centered lenses.

EyeFine: New Auto focus Eyewear Movie

Additionally, we have developed a movie on the EyeFine system. This video explains how this system was developed, how it is fit and for different activities it cab be used for. The EyeFine has the widest field of view of any auto-focusing system and can be used for reading, using the computer and watching television.


In the Media

CBS Evening News with Dan Rather Features Our Jordy Patient

On February 18, 2000, Dan Rather’s Eye on America segment of the CBS Evening News featured our patient Marcia Gevers. Marcia was one of the first patients to be fit with the new Jordy System. Though profoundly visually impaired, Marcia’s Jordy now allow her to see the faces of her friends and lets her perform her duties as a rehabilitation teacher.

Our practice was one of the first in the world to fit the Jordy system. Dr. Windsor first tested the system on Marcia during a seminar Dr. Windsor was conducting at Indiana University/Purdue University Regional Campus in Fort Wayne.

Marcia had been a patient of Dr. Windsor for many years and also uses a Design for Vision Microscopic bifocal and a conventional CCTV. Marcia's response to the system was amazing. Though she had used other low vision devices, the Jordy allowed her do and see things that none of the other systems could. When it appeared that cost might limit her ability to obtain the Jordy, her friends and an area Lions Club came together to raise the funds and were able to surprise her shortly before Christmas at the Tiny Tim Diner in Fort Wayne.


Our Work with Brain Injury / Hemianopsia
Featured in Breakthroughs in Science Television Segment

Our work with hemianopsia patients using the Gottlieb Visual Field Awareness System was recently featured on Breakthroughs in Science, a television science segment developed in cooperation with the American Institute of Physics. Dr Windsor’s work with Stacey, a young Indianapolis stroke patient, was presented. This video is being shown around the United States as a part of the evening news health segments. We also have an eleven-minute video created by our group that explains more thoroughly our approach in the care of hemianoptic patients. If you would like a copy of these videos, contact any of our offices.


Dr. Laura Windsor Guest Columnist for WISH TV 8 Website

Dr. Laura has published an article on Age Related Macular Degeneration. Dr. Windsor has joined other professionals in the "Senior Life" section of Indianapolis WISH TV Channel 8 News website. The article explains many of the common visual problems associated with the disease and new treatments and low vision services to help those with macular degeneration. Click below to view the article.

Dr. Windsor Featured: "National Optometrist of the Year"

Dr. Windsor has recently been featured in newspapers across Indiana announcing his selection as the "1999 National Optometrist of the Year" by the American Optometric Association. Our practice became the only practice in history to receive this award twice. Dr. Scott was the 1984 recipient of this award, which had been given nationally only 33 times. The award was presented June 24, 1999 in San Antonio Texas at the AOA Congress.

Dr. Windsor's Work in Vision Enhancement Journal

Dr. Windsor work with the revolutionary VES Auto Focus System Vision Enhancement Book was featured in the Spring issue of Vision Enhancement, an international publication proving information and resources for people with vision loss. The VES System, incorporated into eyeglasses can focus from 12 inches to great distances in a fraction of a second using an infrared focusing system and provide a 4 times enlargement. Dr. Windsor, Ford and Windsor are among the first in the country to fit this exciting new low vision system.


Review of Optometry - Future Optometrists Web Site

The October 1998 issue of Review of Optometry featured Laura Windsor’s Future Optometrist web site, an international Internet resource on optometric education from the students' perspective. Laura is the daughter of Dr. Windsor and an optometry student at Indiana University School of Optometry. Laura received her B.S. in Optometry from Indiana University and will complete her doctorate in optometry in 2001. She plans to return to our practice


Laura Windsor's Web Site in Optometry Today

Laura Windsor, B.S., Second Year Optometry Student at Indiana UniversitySchool of Optometry and daughter of Dr. Windsor,had her Internet Web Site, Future Optometrists featured in the August issue of Optometry Today. Laura's site connects worldwide Internet resources for optometric education to assist students in their training. Laura has worked in our practice since her teenage years. Upon completion of her training, she plans to return to join our staff of doctors. Laura is a graduate of the Indiana Academy, a high school program for gifted high school students at Ball State University and obtained her Bachelors Degree from Indiana University. She will completed her doctorate in 2001.