Project Chroma

Project Chroma: The John and Marcia Carver Laboratories has initiated Project Achromatopsia, shortened to Project Chroma. Their goals include genetically identifying the approximately 30,000 individuals in the United States with achromatopsia, the development of a potential database of genetically verified individuals and to discover  the remaining unknown causes of achromatiopsia. This hopefully will lead to a genetic treatment which has been demonstrated recently in both mouse and canine models.

Costs: The cost of the testing for the patient is the responsibility of the patient or family and must be paid at the time the sample is sent to Carver Laboratories. Currently the cost is $181.00. It can be paid by credit card or a personal check to Carver Laboratories.  Carver is a not- for- profit laboratory and as such keeps the cost low for all patients.  They do not directly accept insurance.  You may be able to submit the charges to your insurance company, but many insurance companies may not yet pay for these genetic tests. We are happy to provide a letter to support your billing. 

Parent Samples: To aid in the diagnosis,  parental samples are requested when possible. The samples from each parent will be processed at no additional cost by Carver Laboratories. Having the parental samples can actually speed the processing of the samples. The report will come back to our doctors in 12 to 14 weeks.

Ordering Your Tests:  Our clinics see patients from around the world with this condition. Our doctors can order the genetic tests online through Carver for the patient and parents.  We will help you arrange to have your blood drawn locally by your family physician or through a local laboratory.  Our doctors must submit a separate order for each patient and their parents if applicable. If you are a patient of our practice, you may contact our office to arrange orders for your genetic tests.


The doctors of the Low Vision Centers of Indiana can order the genetic tests for Achromatopsia for our patients. To understand the steps involved and to provide the information we need, please read the section below: Steps for Having Genetic Testing Performed or download the PDF version presented below. 

Steps for Having Genetic Testing Performed (PDF)

You will need to fill out the form: Low Vision Centers of Indiana Information Needed to Order Carver Labs DNA Testing for Project Chroma and return it to one of our offices by mail or email. Our doctors will need this information to order your genetic testing.

Low Vision Centers of Indiana Information Needed to Order Carver Labs DNA Testing for Project Chroma (Doc)

Low Vision Centers of Indiana Information Needed to Order Carver Labs DNA Testing for Project Chroma (PDF)



Steps for Having Genetic Testing Performed

The steps below are required in order to have genetic testing done at Carver Labs for various eye conditions. You must be a patient of the Low Vision Centers of Indiana for us to order genetic testing. Note: Carver Labs does not do testing on unaffected minors. 

1. You will need to fill out the “Low Vision Centers of Indiana Information Needed to Order Carver Labs DNA Testing” form. We are only able to order testing for those who are patients of our practice. This form is required by each patient as we are required to fill out a test requisition order online with Carver Labs. Once we have filled out the information online, we will send you several copies of the orders for testing.

2. Once you receive the order forms, you can take the order to your family physician or local laboratory and have them draw the blood samples that are required. With the order forms, there will be instructions for the lab on how many vials of blood are needed for each test being performed. They will also have instructions of how to mark and label the vials. 

You will be responsible for costs pertaining to the blood draw. You should try and have the blood drawn on a MONDAY or TUESDAY, so that your sample is received by Carver Labs by Friday.

3. Shipping of the sample can be done by the lab or by yourself. You should contact your lab and see if they are able to ship the blood vials for you. Shipping instructions are included with the order forms. The blood samples should be sent overnight or at least with 2-3 day shipping via USPS, FedEx or UPS. You will be responsible for all shipping charges.  Make sure to include your personal check with the order form or make sure that your credit card information is completed before mailing the sample.
If the lab will not ship the blood samples, you may do it. Make sure to plan to have blood drawn in the morning and you should mail it out immediately. You will need to package the vials individually in bubble wrap and place them in a Ziploc bag to contain any possible leakage. Use bubble wrap or other materials to cushion around the vials in the bag. Include your order forms with your vials in the box.

4. Once received, Carver Labs will begin processing your samples immediately. Genetic testing can take up to 6 months to fully process in some conditions. In many cases, it is much less. You will be told by our office or can view on the Carver Labs website an estimate of the time frame it will take to complete the testing.

5. Due to the sensitive nature of genetic testing, Carver Labs will only release the test results to the ordering doctor. Our doctor will call and educate you on the results of your testing. Genetic counseling by your doctor is required to inform you about the condition.