Children and Young Adults



An Ode to My Eyes
Author Meirav Malter & Artist Meghan Sims

An Ode to My Eyes is a poem by Meirav Malter at age 8.  Meirav shows deep insight and perpective about living with achromatopsia.  Also, see her column with her sister Ma’ayan, Growing Up in Black and White.  The artwork is by Canadian artist, Meghan Sims, who also has achromatopsia...Click here to view

Helping Your Child with Achromatopsia
Laura K. Windsor, O.D., F.A.A.O.

This article by Dr. Laura Windsor, an award winning low vision specialist with the Low Vision Centers of Indiana, introduces parents, teachers and caregivers to ways to help children with achromatopsia. She urges parents and achromats to submit their tips to help others who have the condition...Click here to view

The Teacher’s Guide to Helping a Student with Achromatopsia

By Laura Windsor, O.D., F.A.A.O.

Dr. Laura Windsor, an award winning doctor and low vision specialists at the Low Vision Centers of Indiana developed this guide for teachers. It helps teachers understand how to better serve a student with achromatopsia. We are now making it available online. 

Click here to obtain The Teacher’s Guide to Helping a Student with Achromatopsia. (PDF)



Fitting a Young Athlete: The B60 Lens for a Downhill Skier

Staci Mannella, is a fourteen year old adaptive alpine skier.  Read her story in our Heroes and Pioneers section.   In this section we highlight her recent fitting with the B60 contact lens for achromatopsia.



Zach’s Contacts: The Movie

We recently had the great pleasure of examining Zach and fitting contact lenses for achromatopsia at the Low Vision Center of Indianapolis.  Zach has created a wonderful movie to tell the story of his trip to our center. We appreciate Zach’s willingness to share this movie.


Caleb’s Contacts for Achromatopsia

Caleb, an eight year old from Ontario, Canada, talks about his new filtered contact lenses for achromatopsia. Caleb has the CNGB3 gene form of rod monochromatism, the most common form of achromatopsia. Caleb discusses how his new lenses control the severe hemeralopia or day blindness from his achromatopsia...Click here to view


The Adolescent Years – Filtered Contact Lenses

The teenage years are often the most difficult for individuals with achromatopsia. The dark red filters in their glasses that help the young achromat see better now may stand as barriers to the appearance they seek. There is little worse to a young adult than to stand out awkwardly different from their peers.  Today, however, we can enhance the appearance of achromats by converting most to filtered contact lenses. This approach to controlling light not only provides a better cosmetic appearance, but often improves self-confidence...Click here to view


 Young Children:  Eyewear vs. Contact Lenses

Filters are crucial for young achromats. When should contact lenses be considered? What type of filters should be considered?...Click here to view


 Educational Issues

This section provides some simple lists to use in discussing your child’s education needs. Simple PDF downloads can be printed and taken with you to meet with your child’s teachers...Click here to view


Physical Education

Physical education is important for all children, but it can, in some cases, be very uncomfortable or even dangerous for a child with achromatopsia. The article and checklist may help you discuss these issues with your child’s school system. ..Click here to view