Physical Education Checklist

The eyes of a child with achromatopsia are not fragile. But the combination of reduced visual acuity and overwhelming glare may further impair vision and place the child at risk of injury in many physical education activities. Each child’s abilities are different. We should look at each situation to determine, what your child can do safely without eliminating all physical education.

Does the PE teacher, teacher and teacher’s aid understand the child’s problems, particularly the issues of aversion to the light, reduced visual acuity and lack of color vision?

Will your child be allowed to avoid bright outside sports?

Will your child be allowed to wear sunglasses and hats inside and/or outside as needed?

Will your child have the option to substitute safe comfortable activities for those activities that he or she cannot do safely?

Will the gym lighting or windows create a glare problem? 

Will your child be removed from fast moving ball sports like baseball, softball or tennis? These are often dangerous since the child may not see the approaching ball.

If your child is to participate in any type of contact or ball sport, has the participation been cleared with his or her eye doctor? Will adequate sport protective eyewear be available?

Can a list of physical education activities be made available to review ahead of time?

Does the child’s IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) contain a statement of the limitations on physical education?

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