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Other Achromatopsia Websites

Yahoo Achromatopsia Support Group
- This discussion forum is for individuals, families, and friends of people affected by the rare vision disorder achromatopsia which affects approximately 10,000 persons in the United States (about 1 in 33,000).

Colblindor.com - An interesting site about color vision and impairments. It's a major source of info on vision and includes a number of demos and tools.

Achromatopsia Network -  The Achromatopsia Network is an information network for individuals and families who are affected by achromatopsia and for professionals interested in achromatopsia. It was founded by the late Frances Futterman.

Facebook Achromatopsia Support Network - This group has been created to bring together those who are living with, dealing with and supporting those who have Achromatopsia.

BCMfamilies -  This newly formed discussion group deals with blue cone monochromatism one of the two main forms of achromatopsia.

Ellen Tomaszewski - Ellen owns and operates Etcetera Press, a local publishing company dedicated to helping authors publish quality, low cost books.

Achromat Kids
- This group is intended to be a forum for parents of children with Achromatopsia to ask questions and share their experiences. Achromatopsia affects approximately 1 in 33,000 people, so the likelihood of parents connecting with other parents in the same situation is small.


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