About the Author and Artist

Meirav’s “Ode to My Eyes” is published here with the kind permission of Meirav and her family.  The background artwork, Let The Night Surround You #2, is by Canadian artist, Meghan Sims, who also has achromatopsia. We sincerely thank Meirav and Meghan for allowing us to combine these two pieces together.

Meirav Malter

Meirav composed this poem when she was eight years old, when her second grade teacher gave her class the assignment to write an ode. Meirav, wrote about her eyes with simple positive understanding.  Her teacher was so impressed she entered it in their school’s poetry competition, which she won.  And next, her ode won the second grade division of the Catalina Foothills School District's 2003-2004 poetry contest.

Meirav and her sister Ma’ayan, have achromatopsia. Meirav has an amazing attitude based on an “attitude of gratitude” taught to her by her parents.  Mature for her years, Meirav, already articulates a desire to help others learn about achromatopsia.

"When I grow up I want to meet other people with achromatopsia. "If I meet little kids I would want to help them out with their problem because I know what it's like. I want to give speeches about achromatopsia. It's such a rare problem and I want more people to know about it.
                                                        - Meirav Malter

Today, Meirav is 14-years-old, and will enter 9th grade in the fall. She and her sister Ma’ayan, age 17, are avid rock climbers. They have found rock climbing a perfect sport for them to enjoy together.  Speaking of rock climbing, Meirav noted that:

 "It's like a challenge and you overcome and you feel like you can overcome other challenges with the skills you learn."
                                                             - Meirav Malter

Meirav and Ma’ayan are writing a column for Achromatopsia.info called Growing Up in Black and White, which will be featured in our
section, Children and Young Adults. 


Meghan Sims

Meghan is a talented young Canadian artist. Many pieces of her artwork uniquely capture the visual world of achromatopsia.  Meghan found a catharsis in her art, especially in its ability to openly present the differences in how her eyes see the world. Her art stands as a powerful representation of her vision of light, glare and contrast.

For more information on Meghan Click here.