Caleb is an 8 year old young man from Canada who had hemeralopia or day blindness from the CNGB3 form of rod monochromatism, the most common form of congenital achromatopsia. His response is tyical of most young achromats  to the appropriate colored filtered soft contact lens. Several types of filters were evaluated on Caleb to arrive at the final filter in the soft contact lenses. The final filter is a combination of dark red and black dyes. They only appears red when we shine light directly on them. Otherwise, Caleb just appears to have dark colored eyes. Caleb also showed a significant improvement in visual acuities when the light was controlled with contact lenses. His distance prescription was placed in the contact lenses and clear reading glasses were prescribed to aid his reading.

We thank Caleb and his family for allowing us to share his response to the filtered contact lenses.