Hand held telescopes are helpful to identify buses, signs, faces and to view the whiteboard or chalkboard in school. They are usually well accepted by young children and their peers.

Microlux 6X18 and 4X13: The Microlux is a pop-up spring loaded monocular telescope. Pressing on the system closes it and protects the lenses on both ends.  Squeezing with the hand will open the system. Thus the lenses are protected when carried in a pocket or purse. The rectangular shape prevents it from rolling off a desktop.  Patients like the fact that they do not draw attention to the user as they look much like a small cellphone or PDA.



Club M Monocular: It comes in three powers. The 3.5X Keplerian system has a very bright field of 9 degrees. The 6X system has 8 degrees of visual field. The 7X system has a 7 degrees of visual field. The sliding button allows the system to be held and focused with one hand. It can be focused from 1 meter to infinity. The shape of the system prevents if from rolling off a desk. Club M comes with a handy carrying case with belt loop.



Mobilux Far: This a revolutionary low vision aid using new diffraction optics. It is actually two systems in one. Mobilux Far's lens system is a lens hybrid of PXM material. It is a 2.5 X distance Galilean telescope and a 3.2 handheld magnifier. When the LED light is turned on it becomes a near magnifier. The disadvantage for achromats is that the light is required for the system to change from a telescope for distance to a tele-micro magnifier for near.

Eschenbach 1673 Keplerian Monoculars: The 1673 Keplerian series has exceptional brightness and a wide field of view. It is focusable for distance, intermediate and near vision. The system can be mounted on a finger ring, which allows the unit to be hidden in the hand. The 1673 series is available in powers of 2.88X to 6X.


 Walters Short Focus Monoculars:  These small hand held telescopes can be focused from far to near. The typical powered prescribed are 4X and 8X. They can also be mounted on a neck cord or on a fingering.