Video Magnification Systems

"One of my teachers ( Perkins School for the Blind) even said to me, Why don't you act like a well-behaved blind child?" to which I replied, Because I am not blind."

     - Sam Genensky Ph.D.  Inventor CCTV Video Magnifier

Video magnifiers  are more effective than many optical magnifiers because they can both enlarge print and improve the contrast of the image. Video magnifiers can create high contrast white fonts on a black background which can be helpful to many individuals with achromatopsia. Combining a video magnifier with the appropriate filters in glasses or contacts is an effective combination for achromats, especially in the workforce. The following system are those that are doctors recommend for achromats.

Compact Mini - Handheld Video Magnifier
Compact + - Video Handheld Magnifier
Clearview + - LCD Desktop Video Magnifier