The Maue Kay Foundation


“For over forty years I lived the life of a Rock’n’ Roller, much of the time standing in the spot light. Now I feel it is time to help shine a light on those that are doing truly important work.” 

                                       - John Kay, Maue Kay Foundation


Maue Kay Foundation was founded in 2004 by John and his wife, Jutta Maue Kay. Jutta serves as director of the foundation. The Maue Kay Foundation has allowed John and Jutta to not only personally give back to the world in areas close to their heart such as human rights, protection of wildlife and the environment, but also to bring these problems to the attention of others around the world.  One important element of this has been John’s videography. Being visually impaired has never stopped John and with the aid of his  Canon GL-2 video camera, John as captured important areas of concern, particularly in Cambodia, Thailand, Tanzania and Kenya. Below you can sample John’s videography in the movies he has developed to support his Maue Kay Foundation. 


Introduction to the Maue Kay YouTube Channel



Tith Mom School in Cambodia Videography, production and narration by John Kay.



Elephant Orphans at The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust:   Videography, production and narration by John Kay.

You may also view John’s videography around the world and projects supported by the Maue Kay Foundation at their YouTube Channel “MaueKay.”

You can also learn more at their foundation website at