Jeff C.
Hagerstown, IN


I was diagnosed at an early age with achromatopsis. I have 20/120 vision and am color blind. I had never been able to drive due to having achromatopsia until I got my license in May of 2007. I met Dr. Windsor in August of 2006 and he immediately felt I was a candidate to be a bioptic driver. I was fitted with red central contact lenses, which allowed me to see red for the first time in my life, and a Beecher. I went through Crossroads, and a fabulous trainer named Carmen for my training in the spring of 2007 and got my license in May of 2007. Getting my license has totally changed my life. I am now able to drive to work and drive to just about anywhere and feel an independence that I have never before felt. I am very appreciative of all Dr. Windsor and Crossroads has done for me. Bioptic driving has been a blessing for me and Dr. Windsor should be commended for all his hard work in this field. Thanks for everything.