Patient G.H.
Indianapolis, IN


“More than Driving”

Being a bioptic driver and being able to drive is far more meaningful than one might initially recognize. For those with normal vision, driving is an assumption interwoven into almost every aspect of daily life and culture. If one takes a moment to contemplate what that really means, it is astounding.

Driving to pick up your date for dinner: Running to the post office to mail a bill-due, on time: Spontaneously deciding to drive to a state park for a day of outdoor relaxation: Being able to visit friends and loved ones: Driving to and from work. And, yes, being proud of your automobile, which can represent your lifestyle and values. So, what does the ability to drive really represent? It represents basic freedoms.

Being born with low vision in a world that is designed for people who have 20/20 acuity and color vision has been tremendously challenging. Very little comes without effort, and that includes the most mundane of day-to-day activities.

Since becoming a bioptic driver, I feel as though I have been released from a prison, of sorts. My self-esteem and confidence has benefited greatly. It facilitates for me a more normal life. For example, no longer do I have to ride my bicycle miles in the snow to go to a particular store, and then have my bike stolen while inside shopping.

I have been a bioptic driver for years now. I have never caused an accident; nor have I had a traffic ticket of any kind. My record proves that bioptic drivers can be very conscientious and extremely safe on the road.